Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Best of Hoboken Guide

Life is good in Hoboken

We’ve had a really great time in Hoboken for the last for the last 6 years. It’s time to move to the suburbs to start a new chapter in our lives. But I’d like to remember all of the little things that make Hoboken, NJ magical and am doing so by writing this best of Hoboken guide.

Making friends:
  • Join any ZogSports weeknight or weekend league
  • Try Jersey City’s free pickup Volleyball on Sundays. It’s a closed facebook group, but you can join by simply showing up with a 6 pack of beer by the Colgate clock on the water at Jersey City around 1 or 2pm on any warm Sunday

Having friends visit who are weary of crossing the state border to venture into Hoboken:
  • Take them out to TEAK, a huge sushi restaurant immediately outside of the PATH train. They’ll come off of a short 10 minute commute to Hoboken and immediately into a reasonably priced gorgeous restaurant that has great drinks and will be embarrassed of their previous weariness. Mondays and Thursdays the entire menu (including cocktails) are 50% off.
  • If they’re into Carlos Bakery, you can skip the line by showing your Hoboken ID. There are actually two lines. The first is to enter the bakery and the second is to order or pay. You get to skip both lines.
  • Have them get picked up by a limo. There are a couple of bars that offer free limo service to their bar on weekends. The one I like is Willie McBrides on 7th Street

Best of Hoboken:
  • JP’s Bagels close to the PATH on Newark & Hudson
  • Basile’s Pizza on Newark & Washington
  • Pier 13 wine bar on the water for best views
  • Cooper’s Union is a tiny little bar by the PATH train. I love their cocktails, shuffleboard and mostly I love their secret entrance on a Hoboken alleyway street
  • Turning Point hands down is the best brunch with a perfect view. There is always a line, so make sure to go there early to try it. They’ll give you coffee to go cups which is a nice touch

When living in Hoboken, make sure to:
  • Rent bikes and bike all the way up river road. The side walk continues for at least 5 miles along the water after you leave Hoboken’s waterfront.
  • Maybe even bike up river road to Chart House for a fancy dinner.
  • Check out the rest of NJ. My favorite is renting a pontoon boat at Lake Hopatcong, the biggest lake in NJ.
  • Take the water ferry sometimes. I call it the sunset cruise in the summer. You can buy a beer and take the ferry home during sunset. It costs more but is worth the experience. Some ferries are only 5 minute rides. I actually look for the longer ferry rides that are 15 minutes so I can enjoy it.

  • Hoboken Bar & Grill is nothing special. Other bars are more worthy to use “Hoboken” in their name (sorry!)
  • If you’re planning on starting a family when living in Hoboken, ask a mom to add you the the Hoboken Mommies facebook group. Also Riverside Pediatrics offers every weekend free pre-parenting classes.
  • When we moved to Hoboken, we found at the Washington Street General Store a Life is good in Hoboken sign. It was a great way to start out our time here!

What are your favorite things about Hoboken??? Please share in the comments section.

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