Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yoga Challenge

How can a full time working mom who has a 3 hour commute some days, and works from home other days stay healthy and fit? I'm working on it...

On days I work from home, I spend 15 minutes in the gym before work after dropping off baby at daycare.

When I need a break, I go for a 10 minute mile run (purposefully during sunset).

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I signed up for Yoga Today and take 20 minute classes in the evenings after I put the baby girl to sleep.

I joined a free month long yoga challenge on Instagram called the naught or nice yogi 3. After having warmed up with a 20 minute class I spend another 20 minutes looking up and viewing a video on how to attempt the pose of the daily challenge and then posting a pic.

Today's pose was compass and I chose to do the sitting compass. RethingYoga's free video on Youtube was very helpful!

Pants and polo shirt were from Ralph Lauren's official Team USA apparel.

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